Google Classroom App Reviews

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Keeps me organized

Awesome app!

Pretty Good... but horrible time stamps

Ive had some really horrible teachers who straight up lied about homework and just doesnt protect students as much as I would like. Good app, but not loyal customer

Best Tool Ever to be Invented!

Thank you, Google!!! I love you.

Solid app

It is an amazing app, i just wish it didnt rely on the browser version to print stuff.

Awesome tool

Awesome tool for keeping students organized. Love the way it works with other Google apps and automatically creates a copy of an assignment for students.


Really easy to use love it!

Simple though at times not intuitive

Could use a menu with clearer instructions about where stuff is, what students see, etc. Great for quick assignment/link creation. Nice to have this in addition to Blackboard!


Very good app. As a student this comes in handy. But for some reason I cant turn in one project, no matter how hard I try. It lets me turn in all other assignments except for this one

Very Helpful

So easy to manage all my classes, I love it!!!


As a a student, I hate this app. Teachers make us use this instead of paper and it is honestly the worst. Not that hard to understand, but so useless. I hate it with a burning passion to be honest.

Extremely Useful

We use it at my school and it makes life soooo easy

Google Classroom

I love using Google Classroom! Im a student and my teachers use this app for most of all my classes and work is do, its so useful because I can use it anywhere I have internet.


After finally working out the kinks of forms and docs, our class is finally able to correctly and easily use google classroom. It is so convenient when I have a sub or the kids have questions.




Easy to do all my class work, and not have to use them dumb chrome books?



Send us straight to google docs

When we want to edit our assignments

Awesome but slight issue.

Google classroom is amazing. It is really helpful. However it does not give me full access to edit Google docs on my iphone

Please add!

We use google classroom in all of my classes at school, and I love the convenience of it. However if you could add a way to mark all posts as done in addition to just the assignments that would be very helpful in making sure we have completed everything. Thank you!


Helps me keep my classes in order. Easier to turn in papers all in one place. As well as exit tickets and other activities.

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