Google Classroom App Reviews

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I like google classroom because it makes it so much easier for my class to be able to communicate through electronics. However, I am really girly and I like to have a wallpaper for almost everything but for google classroom there are no wallpapers.



Ya boi

?All my teachers use it and its easy to access ?


This app does exactly what its meant to do, and it does a great job. School is much more organized now and is better since we started using Google classroom. One idea for the 3D touch feature from the home screen is that instead of just an option to share the app, have an option to open any of your classes straight from the 3D touch menu

My teachers

I like google classroom but it is just another way for my gay teachers to give me more homework?

User friendly

Just like any new app the more you play around with it the easier it gets although didn’t take much before I figured out how to navigate through the app ......

Efficient Tool

We use Google Classroom daily. This is a great way to give assignments to your students without wasting paper. I am able to grade or check my students’ work immediately...I even make comments while they are working on their assignment. It’s very easy to use.


Lags to much and has a lot of bugs


Awesome!Wish we could use the 1- to 4+ format though

Awesome, but...

I wish editing an announcement in one class, would edit said announcement in other classes.

The Best

I can do all my school work if I’m not at school and even a test??????

Helps a lot

I have school like most and most of our work is online. My mom uses the laptop so when I found out that I could do my hw on my phone and tablet, I gladly got this app, for free! While I did have to download Google Docs, it was also free and was worth it. I love this app and I give it a 10 out of 10, would recommend.


This is probably my favorite app to use when I’m just home in my bed and I’m just like what am I going to do it on my Google password for my mom yells at me and then I get hit of my schools Wi-Fi but it’s fine because I just love group projects but then like sometimes when I don’t do my homework I’m so sorry goulash and go to work I’m sorry sometimes I just have to


Cancer. Delete yourself

Frustrating Step Back, Google...

So, the recent “updates” to the app has turned it into hot garbage. You can no longer see that an assignment was turned in late. If a student resubmits their assignment, you cannot see that in the app version at all. And there have always just been small things you (for some unknown reason) can’t do in the app that should be relatively simple fixes. The trend thus far, though, has been to ADD functionality, not take it away.

Super helpful in school

All my teachers use it and it makes it simple and easy to turn stuff in and do my work. Hope we never stop using it!

5 stars

Hey this was amazing and so much fun and I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Love it

Use for school all the time

Helpful for students

Very helpful in reminding me as a forgetful student that I have work. Great combo with Grammarly for high school level work on mobile.

Don’t torture your students with this

Don’t torture your students with this it is unruly and cruel

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