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Cannot save pdf to other app without going through google drive

While most features of this app are good, whenever I open a pdf file and try to download it to another app, this app try to save the file to google drive. It is frustrating as I use different account for my google drive and google classroom, and that causes a lot trouble.


Our school board is stupid and My education is being ruined by there selfish needs and they can’t even afford decent teacher (1 in every 6 teachers are decent), please help


BOI ?????

Loving it!

We switched over to google everything and it makes my life easier. The more I use any of the programs the more efficient I get and my teaching, coaching, and personal life have benefitted.

Must Have!

Google classroom has served so many purposes within my classroom. I use to assign work for students to do at home. Share how to videos for parents to access when helping with homework. Just this week I was home with my daughter who had the flu and received an email that my students were not behaving. I immediately went to google classroom to let them know I was aware of the behavior and expect them to correct it. They were able to reply immediately with apologies and their behavior improved. This was crucial to giving immediate feedback and staying connected when I’m out of the room.


TINY DISCLAIMER! I AM 11 YEARS OLD!!! I go to a catholic school, therefore there is a lot of work. My school pays for chrome books, well technically we pay for them, and so google classroom is something that is no option. In today’s society, nobody but the Amish can live without technology. So that is what our school says we need to do. They say we need to explore the great bowels of technology. Currently it is 2:27 and I am sick with the flu. But I have assignments I need to do at home. And of course I accidentally left my lap top at school. So I can just whip out my phone and look at all of the things I need to do and BOOM!!! All done! Google classroom is a must have. Now probably no one will listen to me because I am 11, but I just finished my five page essay on American economy so HAHA!! All in all google classroom is a must have for those who catch illnesses easily, and constantly need to access the internet. Although I did see some problems. There is a glitch every time I go down to my ELA folder. Every time I press on it... it just takes my back to the google classroom home screen with all of my classes. But other than that this app is GREAT!!!


This app is trash


As a student I dont like having all my work on Google Classroom. If it is on there I never finish it.

one suggestion

i love the app and it is very handy for school, but one thing that annoys me is when i exit the app and then go back into it, it takes me back to the first screen with all my classes instead of where i left off. i’ll have to keep scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page every time i need to check something out of the app and come back into google classroom.

Worst app ever

Too much homework because of it

Best app ever

This app helps so much with my school work...I don’t know what I would do with out it

I hate school

It has to do with school


My school actually introduced me to this website and I would recommend it for other schools too. It’s a great app for students to turn in their online work and chat with your classmates and teachers about your assignments.

Pretty good so far

Classroom needs text options to make instructions and assignment directions more student friendly; needs to make links possible in text, and needs to allow more options for lists of links, images, etc. as sidebar elements to aid and engage students.


I am a highschool student and overall I am pleased with the app and its design.

I Like It, But I’m Silenced? ?

Let me start off by saying that I love Google Classroom. It’s a great tool for me to have so I can check my assignments on the go without having to rely on a computer (except for WiFi and Service). Except I noticed a small bug that I may not be the only victim of. On my phone, I can only make class comments for certain classes. Like for my English class, I can press Add Class Comment, but it just takes me to a screen saying there is no class comments making me unable to add anything. I love this app and all, but I would really like this to be fixed so I could communicate with my classmates/teachers through Google Classroom. I’m only 13, so your probably not gonna listen. But please have an open mind towards my review. I hope I’m not the only one going through this problem and that getting this fixed will help a lot of people.

Love it

Its. A good app Im a student and I love how teachers can post homework and stuff here its AMAZING you can do so much with it like make a google slide etc 5 stars for sure!


I hate school. Especially since we use google classroom so much


It’s kool

Love it

This app makes it so I can do all my assignments after school since I don’t have a laptop. I makes my life easier.

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